About Me

 Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to be able to express my love for motherhood, vintage decor, baby items, baby products, my love for coffee, hard boiled eggs, nursing school, and anything else I feel  in love with that day on this blog! Thank you for visiting!

Here is a little about me: My full name is Abby Taylor McMillan, I am 24 years old, and currently live in Rogersville , TN. I am married to Trey McMillan and we have a beautiful baby girl that joined our Family in March 2015, Macie McMillan. We love the Lord Jesus, he is our savior, and we are not ashamed to announce it. We Will raise our baby girl to believe the same. I am currently in Nursing school to be an LPN ( expected graduation date: April 2016) , I want to work with expectant moms, and mothers in labor. I would love to eventually become a doula and then hopefully that would lead me into becoming a midwife, but that’s way later, right now I’m just focusing on the next step which is graduating with my nursing degree! I can’t wait to let you all into my life, it’s crazy busy, but I LOVE it!

I love meeting new people especially other moms who are raising their littles and enjoying motherhood as much as I am , feel free to shoot me a friend request, subscribe to my blog, or email me!

Instagram: abbscadabs

email: Hughes.abby@gmail.com

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