And the craziness has started … 

    So today was nuts.. First things first.. Taking your 10 month old baby to your gyno appointment is not the wisest thing I could have ever done. Talk about keeping everyone else in the waiting room entertained while we waited two hours and I still didn’t even get to see the dr… Also I should probably never schedule a dr appointment two days before Christmas.. Not my wisest decisions. 

Then it’s as if I couldn’t get any smarter we ventured out to target for last minute Christmas shopping.. Let’s just say Macie passed out in the buggy then ended up in standing up in the buggy dancing before we got out of there. Shew it was fun, but I’m glad to be relaxing before our first Christmas party starts tonight! Hope everyone has big plans for the next few days! Eeeek I’m so excited!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 


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