So Christmas was amazing but super crazy! My husbands family is absolutely huge, so we had a million places to go Christmas Eve between my family and his, so my poor little Mae was hauled around like a rag doll from place to place. The best part about Christmas Eve besides being with family was TREY WON THE MONEY JAR at his mammaws. His mammaw does this awesome thing where she saves all her coins in a jug for the whole year and on Christmas Eve she draws every one’s names out and the last name drawn gets all the money! This year it was $409! We never get that lucky 😍. Christmas morning she slept until 9 o clock! The one morning I was super excited for her to wake up she slept in! We had such a blast buying presents and setting them up for her first Christmas mornin( well my husband set them up while I put Mae to bed) but still I had fun watching her be surprised, as much as a 9 month old can be! We spent Christmas Day at my mom and dads all day in our PJS playing with Macie and all of her toys and my husbands toys ( another gun to add to his collection) *eye roll** jk . Check this out: my parents bought us a 58 inch TV! (Because we were borrowing theirs due to ours blowing up I’m sure hehe) but that was SUPER NICE and we are so thankful. We are definitely extremely BLESSED 😊 enjoy some pictures below from Macie’s first Christmas! 


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