The Vintage Honey shop


  • One of my favorite baby items that I would hate to have to live without is my teething necklaces from The Vintage Honey shop! These necklaces are not only safe for your baby, because they are made with organic fabric and beads, they are also super stylish. They can dress up ANY outfit which I also love, because being a mom who is busy, I am in leggings and Tshirts almost all the time, so I can just throw on a necklace when I leave the house to add a little style to my life. I have gotten so many compliments on these necklaces, almost every time I go out someone comments on how cute these are, and most aren’t even mothers! That leads me to my next sentence…. These can be worn even after teething is over, because they are so stylish! These necklaces are not only stylish, safe for your baby, comfortable, they are also handmade by two super awesome women by the names of Jen and Mel who live in Nashville, TN! ย Which I think makes them even more special, because they are made by two mothers, each and every necklace is handmade with a mother in mind, which I find is amazing! So for a limited time they are going to offer a discount code for my followers to go and purchase a necklace!! Woo woo!! So hurry on over and snag yourself one! You can purchase them here at! Look for the discount code coming up soon on my Instagram: abbscadabs. Happy shopping!!





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