Best Friend Movie Night 


Sunday night we went to visit our friends Dannielle and Zac, so Emma Kate (EK) and Macie had to have a movie night! They had a blast watching Frozen (well EK watched it while Macie hung all over her smothering her in hugs and kisses ) 😘. EK is obsessed with Macie literally talks about her 24/7, and Macie also LOVES EK she just looks at her and giggles repetively (which is super cute). EK also helped me feed Macie, and she did so good! She likes to help me change her diaper too (hands me the wipes), she’s going to be a great big sister one day when her mommy decides to have another! Any way.. They played all night, and were both completely worn out by the time we left. We had so much fun watching them together and I can’t wait to see them grow up together and become best friends ☺️🎀💗. Hope you love these pictures we took as much as I do! 


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